Friday, July 25, 2014

What I ate (two days ago)

I forgot to post pictures yesterday (now two days ago)!

But since that time I've decided you don't need to see ALL the meals (do you?). 

So (from here on out) I'll only be posting photos of meals I plan to feature in recipes later. 

July 23rd:

Breakfast (was a mess of leftovers): hard boiled egg + chicken breast + hash (peas + russet potatoes + yam + carrot)

Snack (more left overs): bread + brisket + (2) hard boiled egg whites + bran cereal

Lunch (you're right! It was leftovers): orange Chicken (pork tenderloin) + ginger noodles

Snack: shake + banana + bran cereal

Dinner (NOT leftovers!): chicken thigh + green beans + rigatoni 

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