Monday, July 21, 2014

What I did today

To meet my fitness goals I aim for 1,300 calories a day. How did I reach this number? With this (awesome) calculator.

Here is what I ate today. I (usually) eat 5 (small) meals a day.

Breakfast: Sausage Gravy Oatmeal and chicken breast with yams.

Mid Snack: Tuna, crackers (being stolen) and chicken breast.
 Lunch: Fiber Cereal and chicken breast
 Afternoon snack: Protein shake (post work out) and chicken breast
 Dinner: Orange (Chicken) Pork Tenderloin with Ginger Noodles

For exercise I busted out 1.78 miles (.27 miles farther than my last run) at a speed of 13:38 (00.03 faster than my last run). It would have been a faster speed but the screen got pushed during my run and it took me a min to find the "end workout" button. After that I did (10) "sit ups", (10) push-ups, and (10) leg lifts.

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